Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So, I guess this is really happening.

I finished my portfolio for that interview I told you about. I also told my team members at school that A) I'm interviewing for that position and B) either way it goes, I won't be back next year. I almost (almost, almost) wanted to cry when saying it, partly because I'm happy/excited, partly because I'm sad/scared. I told them that I need to step away from teaching in the classroom for a little while, to focus on other things, namely my own life. Teaching is all-consuming. Don't get me wrong. It's wonderful. Wonderful. But I require myself to give 100% to everything I do. And as we know, mathematically, that can't really happen. I've always said that I never wanted to be someone who was defined by what their job is, and that's how things are now. I owe it to myself and my friends and my family to be emotionally available. I have no idea what is going to happen. I know what I want to happen and I know how I want the next few years to look, but who knows how it will really go. It's funny. Normally I don't do well with being in limbo, but I'm liking not knowing what to expect.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up...

Friday: Did an interview at the Belmont Butcher for West of the Boulevard News (should be up Thursday), stopped by work, praised the good Lord that I had a great substitute, got caught up on grading and lesson plans, met Ross at his parents' house, went with the mother-in-law to Five Guys, watched a few episodes of Nip/Tuck while grading and knitting, sleep.

Saturday: Did NOT go to the gym, laid around the house, went to celebrate Remus's 1st birthday (!), ate at Zeus Gallery Cafe, came home and watched tons of TV while Ross was downstairs with MattWhite watching a million YouTube videos, more sleep.

Sunday: Slept SO late, hung around the house, went to church, ate some cookies, went to dinner at Joe's with MattWhite and his parents (free food!), came home, not watching the Oscars because it's too stressful for me, gotta go to bed soon to rest up for my first day back at work in a long time.

Here's a cute thing for you to look at:

This is not my baby or any baby that I know. Nor is this my puppy or any puppy that I know. I'm too lazy to upload cute pictures taken at Remus's birthday party (there was cake up his nose at one point), so I just thought I'd google "puppy and baby" so you'd have something to look at until I get my act together.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ok, seriously...

Does anyone else think that Britney Spears is *this* close from kicking the bucket, either by her own hand or by some crazy accident? What with the shaving the head and the in and out of rehab and the Kevin Federline being the stable parent, don't you feel like E! True Hollywood Story has just written out the script and she's following it? I feel like any day now I'm going to go to people.com and find out that she did herself off by drinking gasoline or something.

I'm going to feel really bad if that actually does happen. Probably a lot like how Michael Douglas felt after Princess Diana died and he said that the public wouldn't have the same reaction if Mother Teresa died. AND THEN SHE DID. AND THEN THEY DID. AND HE WAS A WRONG BUT JINXING MAN.

Who's this?

Take a guess...

She works hard for the...well...hmmm

This is going to be a busy week. On top of playing catch up from last week (BTW, I am feeling wooooonderful now, thank you), I have a million balls up in the air.

First and foremost, the 5th grad SOL writing test is on March 6th and 7th. I will be teaching my rear end off from now until then, trying to fine tune the little darlings. Also, I have a feature due for West of the Boulevard News on Thursday. The guy in charge sure knows how to crack the whip-AND he's not even paying me. On top of that, my interview requires quite a bit of preparation. Thankfully, I got my work for PharrOut done. And honestly, I kinda love being busy with this kind of stuff.

Since I've had two whole posts without a picture, I thought I'd let you see what it looks like when I work. At least when I do writing work. My teaching area is always very organized and uncluttered-you have to set a good example for the little ones. Anyway, here it is:

I love this spot with all of my heart. If you zoom in you can see all kinds of crazy stuff. For example, that piece of paper with the well-blocked off text includes such lovely tidbits as my occassional tracking off weight and measurements, co-workers phone numbers, and a primitive log of my time spent working for PharrOut. Please also notice the beautiful portrait I did of Ross. He did one of me too but, fortunately, that one is blocked by my laptop. Enjoy!

Friday, February 23, 2007


I've been picked to interview for a new job within the county. It's a technology integrator position and, I'm gonna say it, I know I'm right for it. I have to prepare two lessons that I will present in front of a panel. Luckily, I integrate technology into my lesson plans all of the time, so this won't be too much of a stretch.

Honestly, part of me feels like I just jinxed myself by sounding so confident. But, I really want this job and I really think they should give it to me. The interview is on Tuesday, March 6th at 1:40pm. Please send out good thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sixth day off from work...

Ok, it's actually only 4 work days that I've missed, but I haven't *been* to work since last Friday. When I go back on Monday, it will be 9 days that I haven't worked. I'm not very good at this, to be honest. I feel like I'm misbehaving or something and that it is totally reasonable for me to go to work and just drag trashcan behind me in case I start puking.

Janie, my mentor teacher, called me today to let me know that the kids are doing really well. She could be lying so I won't worry about them, and God bless her if she is. She knows if she even hinted about them acting up I would be over there in all of my feverish glory to wield my trembling sword of authority.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How I've been spending my sick days...

This a scarf using "Bamboo Stitch." I got the pattern (yes, I'm actually following a pattern) from KnitSimple. Jane was kind enough to pass the yarn along to me. I love the color so much because I'll be able to wear it with both my black coat and my olive-colored coat. I really like how the stitch is coming out, even if my lack of motor skills at the moment have made the edges a little wobbly. Oh well. It's nothing that some creative ironing can't fix. I plan on wearing this skinny scarf as part of my favorite type of outfit: jeans, a cute T-shirt, and ridiculously cute accessories. It's a perfect early springtime scarf because it's soft and not at all heavy. I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm finished.

Coming back from death

Well, I thought the sickness on Monday morning was just a quick, little, passing thing. Not so much. I felt great Monday afternoon, even great enough to go to Capital Ale House with James and Jennifer. Turned out to be a bad idea. At about 9:00 that night the vomitting and other things started and didn't stop until I got some anti-nausea medicine at Patient First at 8:30 the next morning. At least I didn't need an IV this time.

So, it looks like I'll be out of work this whole week. When I had this thing last year I kept thinking I'd be ok to go in, but now I know not to push it and just use the sick days-that's what they're for, right? And considering feeding the dogs exhausts me enough to warrant a 2 hour nap, I think I made the right decision.

My co-worker's have been awesome. I'm very nervous though because this is one of the last weeks I had to get my kids ready for the writing test. Oh well, I'll just have to hammer it in over the next week and a half and pray a whole lot.

I hope this made sense. Typing has proved to be very difficult, just like touching my nose with my index finger and walking in a straight line.

Monday, February 19, 2007

This is why I love Kroger

Last night Ross and I were in Kroger buying the ingredients for the delicious French Onion soup when we passed by their $9.99 DVD kiosk. AND GUESS WHAT THEY HAD!!!!!!!! This:

My brother (don't click that link because he NEVER updates his blog. Ahem.) and sister will be the only ones who understand how exciting this is. ALMOST as exicting as getting Follow That Bird! for Christmas when I was 22 years old.

Someone *really* wants to blog.


Apparently I caught a little something from dear Remus while I babysat him on Saturday night. I had all 45 minutes of direct contact with him, but I guess that was enough to pass along some variation of his funk. I was akwakened by a cramping stomach and wicked nausea this morning. Once my body was vertical for more than 5 minutes, the toilet and I became good friends for awhile. Needless to say, I didn't make it into work and I'm sure that all of my colleagues think I'm playing hooky on what would have been a day of staff development. Trust me, I would much rather be developed than vomit anyday.

Luckily, I'm feeling much better already. My fever seems to be gone and I can think about food without wanting to die. Thank the Lord for quickly passing near death experiences.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up...

Friday night: Started easy fingerless gloves, kept knitting until I finished one which meant staying up until 1:00am.

Saturday morning: Fed the dogs, went to the gym.

Saturday day: Interviewed Stewart over at The Yarn Lounge for a piece on West of the Boulevard News, napped.

Saturday night: Babysat Remus, ordered in from Carytown Burgers and Fries, watched 1/4 of Chariots of Fire but went upstairs because I couldn't understand anything those crazy Brits were saying, finished other fingerless glove, handed Remus off to his parents, went to bed.

Sunday morning: Slept through it.

Sunday afternoon: Woke up at noon (you can do that when you have no babies), went to Target to buy food processor and Dutch oven (when Ross says we need something, it's a responsibility, went to church.

Sunday night: Finished my article about Stewart, ate delicious French Onion soup (thank you, Brandon Eats), watched T.V., off to bed soon.

And now for the thing I love most this week...

Because I can't take a good picture to save my life, let me explain what this is. You might be able to see that it says "Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade." Maura gave Ross this awhile ago to tame his crazy moustache. Since Ross is not one for grooming so much, it was going unused. Now, many people rave about how easy short hair is. As a person with short hair, I will tell you that it is extremely easy if you've got the right product. After spending probably thousands of dollars on different pomades and waxes that must have been laced with gold considering their price, imagine my surprise when I discovered that this product was the best thing out there. The reason why I never got it before is because I'm so programmed by society I guess to not venture anywhere near the aisle in the drug store that displays products intended for African American hair. And you can't see in the picture, but there's a picture of a guy wearing a do-rag on the side of the container. So, honestly, it's not what I would have gone for first. But, Murray's Hair Dressing Pomade, I'm so glad you came into my life. You take me from looking like a nine year old boy to looking like a 25 year old lady with cute-ass hair. Thanks, Murray!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Breakfast at the Catrows

Setting: The Catrow house, 8:00 am on a typical Saturday


Shooter Belle Catrow: Epileptic, OCD, and captain of the Fun Police

Zapp Along Catrow: Tall, gangly, and stupid


S: Miss, please hurry up. It's been quite awhile since you fed us last.


S: Miss, make sure you coat each of my epilepsy pills with olive oil. You know I won't eat them, otherwise.


S: Hop to it, please. I need to get back to my OCD rituals of sniffing every doorknob in the house.



Friday, February 16, 2007

1/2 FO


I decided to make a super-easy version of fingerless gloves. It's garter stitch but I seamed it together along the cast-on/bind-off sides so they kinda look ribbed. Jane was kind enough to bring me some quality yarn (you can see the label in the corner of the picture). I must say, knitting with yarn that isn't 100% acrylic is very delicious. Hopefully I'll get the other one done tomorrow-just in time for it to warm up so I can never wear them!

Who else misses these guys?

I was thinking about Leah and Jeremiah a lot today for some reason, and whadyaknow, I found this picture of them. It's from the first pig pickin' either 2 or 3 years ago, I can't remember.

You'll be back. Oh, you'll be back. One day California is going to sink into the sea, and you'll be back.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

I shouldn't be allowed to dress myself.

First incident: I had a really hard time putting on my tights today. I got them about halfway up my legs and then they wouldn't budge. I then realized that they were a size that I haven't worn for about 3 years. Why do I even still have them?

Second incident: I couldn't understand why I felt so fat today. Then I remebered that the skirt I'm wearing is actually one size too small. Again, why do I even have this skirt?


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let's start something here...

This is what Ross wakes up to every morning:

And we're still married. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I laughed out loud (LOLed, as some would say) because of how ridiculous I looked. Naturally, I immediately wanted to share my appearance with you, dear readers. Please notice my hair and the smudged makeup under my eyes. Also that I look like a man. I'll have you know that I saved this picture under the name "hotness."

You should all be brave and post pictures of what *you* look like when you first wake up. It's ok-we're all friends here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

One Less

As many of you know, if Ross is interested in something it is all we discuss at the Catrow house. Honestly, I oftentimes just nod my head and grunt in response to Ross's soap-box and/or nerded-out moments, but his latest issue of concern is actually of interest to me, both as a woman and a responsible citizen. Wait, that *might* imply that women aren't responsible citizens, but I think you get what I mean.

You might be familiar with the One Less campaign that's been on TV as of late. It advocates women and girls getting a vaccination for HPV, a virus that up 75% of women will get at some point AND is responsible for 90% of cervical cancer cases. If you are woman who takes good physical care of yourself and your parts, i.e. you go to the gynecologist every year, get your pap smear, do your breast exam every month, you are going to be somewhat prepared if ever presented with a dreaded diagnosis of cancer because you will probably detect it very early. I would consider myself one of these women. I am very aware of what is going on with my body. Not only that, I am in a monogomous relationship and do not engage in what some might call "risky behavior" that might expose me to STDs. However, I'd jump at the chance to get a vaccination that makes yet another woman's issue a non-issue for me.

The CDC is recommending that all girls (because HPV seems to have no lasting effect on boys) get this vaccination before going into middle school, along with the whole other round of shots they get. Legislators in 10 states are even working to make it a requirement, just MMR vaccinations and the like. Women and girls who want the vaccine are even having trouble getting it.

And yet there are some people who believe that vaccinating kids against an STD will encourage them to have premarital sex because, hey, it will be one less thing for them to worry about. I mean I know that once I got my tentanus shot before going to college I ran right out and tap-danced on some rusty nails because finally I was free!!!!!!! Now that I have my flu shot, I'm going to go lick every doorknob in school BECAUSE I CAN!!!!!! I hope you sensed my sarcasm.

We need to weigh the options here. Do we really want to run the chance of more women and girls getting cervical cancer because we think giving them a shot will give them the greenlight to go have sex? I guarantee if you ask any sexually active or non-sexually active teenager what scares them about having sex they will say A) pregnancy B) HIV/AIDS C) my parents finding out and killing me. I really don't think you will hear much concern over HPV or cervical cancer. It's not an issue for them and it doesn't have to be. We have a vaccine for a virus that leads to cancer. Did you read that? A vaccine for cancer. I was sure flying cars would come first. I'm just thanking my lucky stars here and maybe everyone else should be doing the same.

Dearest Pam,

I promise you, I am normally not a suspicious, socially awkward ass. When Ross and I were in Ukrop's today and you came up and asked me if I had a blog, I was so taken aback and shocked that my immediate reaction was that you must have mixed me up with someone. Even though I *do* have a blog, I was convinced that no one actually *reads* it. That's probably why I squinted my eyes at you and demanded that you tell me the name of the blog you were referring to. Honestly, I almost wanted to ask you what my tattoo looks like or what my dogs' names are to see if you were for real. In any event, if we ever cross paths again, I promise from the bottom of my heart that I will not be a bumbling, somewhat asshole-ish (though it was completely inadvertent) fool.

Thanks for reading. I hope you keep on doing it and don't start some meme about how I suck.

All the love in my heart,

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up...

Friday: Said goodbye to the instigator of all 5th grade drama because it was his last day, came home, tried to nap, met up with Ross's parents for dinner and Gallery 5 meandering, off to bed.

Saturday: Went to gym, went on an insane cleaning spree, got 5 Guys for dinner, bought a book, came home, finished Windy City scarf, off to bed at 2am.

Sunday: Gave up trying to sleep because I apparently don't do that anymore, made Communion bread for church, took Jenni to see Mark in the hospital, went to church, ate some brownies, got Taco Bell, came home, started this:

It will be a hat for me someday. I'm off to bed very soon because I'm truly exhausted.

Early morning FO

I got the itch to finish some knitting tonight, so the Windy City scarf has been complete!

I obviously still need to weave in some loose ends, but that won't take long. I had this listed under my "current knits" as "modified" basically because I don't have the patience to make scarves as long as they should be. This one was done in seed stitch, which is only slightly less boring than garter stitch or stockinette stitch. I could only take so much of it. But, I think it still looks good. I also enjoyed figuring out how to make the slit in the scarf without using any help from a pattern. That seems to be my way of knitting: seeing something I like and then figuring out on my own how to do it. I will say that I have a new-found love for the stitch holder (please note that the aforeplaced link is by no means an endorsement for any particular store-I just wanted you to know what I was talking about.) Anyway, here I am with Windy in all my sleepy glory:

As you can see from the content and quality of the picture, I'm very sleepy. The price we pay for a creative outlet.

Friday, February 09, 2007

This is really getting ridiculous.

Every year we have kids from the middle school band, chorus, and orchestra come and perform for our little babies so they can have an idea of what electives will be available to them once they leave elementary school. This is usually pretty fun for us teachers because we get to see former students as they are struggling through their awkward phases. They come running up to you screaming and wanting hugs. Needless to say, if the screaming, hugging child is one you enjoyed, it can be a pretty nice reunion.

Well, I saw some really great kids today (I have taught some of the most beautiful children in the world, btw) and heard some really bad middle school music. I also got asked by two former students if I'm pregnant. I stared and them in horror and said, "No! Why?" I was so scared they were going to say, "Well, lady, you're a lot fatter now than you were when you were the boss of me." But no, instead they BOTH said INDEPENDENTLY OF EACH OTHER this:

"No, I just saw you standing there with your hands on your stomach."

What. the. hell.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

True Love

Ross and I were just lying in bed watching MTV when I had a sudden, crippling craving for orange juice (I have had similar cravings like this before, like when I woke up one morning and told him that if I didn't have a crab cake that day I was going to punch someone in the face). I wasn't even whining, I was just talking about it. Before I knew it, he was out of the bed, getting dressed, and off to 7-eleven. The whole time he was gone I was sitting with my mouth hanging open, half believing that this was part of some tragic movie plot that would end in him randomly dying in a horrible accident, as I often do when things happen out of the ordinary. But, fear not, he soon returned with a bottle of orange juice for me, retrieved out of love and the desire to make me happy. He's getting snuggles^maxx tonight!

Flashback: Our girl, Zapp

I came across some long forgotten pictures of Zapp from when she was a puppy. I have a hard time remembering what either one of the dogs what like before they became giants, but apparently they were insanely cute. Take a lookie:

Her first picture with us. Her head now reaches to the top of the washer and dryer and she is much more excited about things.

Their first meeting. Don't worry, Shooter is not the devil.

About two days after we got her. Ok, not really, but it felt like she grew that fast. BTW, there's no way she would fit under there now.

My heart skips a beat when I see this picture because she looks so cute. She's about twice as big as that now and even stupider than ever. But I love her, our Zappy-Girl.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

FO I never shared

I don't think I've ever actually shown a knitting project that I've finished (an FO in the knitting world). So, here's one:

This is Remus in his "Remus Raggamuffin Hat." I got this idea one day when I was babysitting him. Remus is almost a year old so he's into everything. He kept finding all of his clothes, and every piece of clothing that he found I put on him and called him a raggamuffin. So, I decided to make a hat that would suit such a name. I have a bunch of odds and ends in my stash that I thought would work together. There's no rhyme or reason (i.e. pattern) for the hat, but I can tell you that I made it the size you would normally use for a child (not a baby, not a toddler, a CHILD-he has a big ol' head). It's hard to tell in the picture, but there's a green pom-pom on top which he has pulled off as of now. I fixed the hole and stitched a green star on the top instead. Ross always said pom-poms were for girls, anyway.

Also, notice that he's trying to get into the container holding my latest project. Maybe he will knit one day! Also also notice the drool lingering on his chin. I love him with my heart.

Again, there is something seriously wrong with me.

  • I was the one that pointed out that the cartoon, talking igneous rock in today's Science video looked like a piece of poop.
  • I was offered a piece of chocolate today and TURNED IT DOWN.
  • In the car on the way home from the gym I head Lionel Richie's "Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady" and started bawling.
  • I am completely obsessed with the proper functioning of the folding door I just installed. Like to the point where I bet I won't sleep tonight.
  • I have a very hard time *not* sharing with Ross what I learn during my kids' family life classes, such as the difference between sperm and semen. That's right. I just said sperm and semen.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've done my part, now you do yours.

God owes me a snow day.

So the death I caught either never went away, came back, or mutated into something that has created a large, spiky lump in my throat. Regardless, I came home today not feeling well at all. We have Bible study on Tuesday nights. I haven't been for weeks, usually because I was sick (surprise surprise) or I had a PTA thing to do. Ross really wanted me to go this week, so I decided that I would come home and get some rest so I could feel well enough to make it.

Well, Shooter had other plans. Usually my dogs are the best napping dogs in the world. Shooter sleeps near your feet to keep them warm and Zapp is about the snuggliest dog ever. Zapp was doing her part, but Shooter thought this time would be better spent engaging in his OCD rituals (sniffing the outlet and doorknob) and doing his annoying huffing bark at every noise or non-noise in, around, or within 50 miles of the house. Consequently, no sleep was gotten.

Ross came home ready for us to head off. I tried to get out of it, but he wasn't having any of it. We're watching a DVD series in Bible study right now and apparently during the last few meetings Ross has gotten cynical and had trouble expressing his frustrations (as robots often do). He needed me to be there to translate and label his feelings for him so he wouldn't offend anyone and get us excommunicated. So I went. In the freezing cold.

It wasn't bad. I got a free sub and the DVD lesson didn't short circuit Ross. I also got to sit next to the woodstove which was nice. I'm not sure how I feel about having a Bible study based on lessons given by a guy that we can't challenge or talk to, but hey. My head was and is pounding though from being conscious and I'm exhausted beyond belief.

So, I thought with all of my sacrifices, there was sure to be some snow falling from the sky by the time we got in the car to go home. There wasn't. There better be snow tomorrow. I mean, yeah I know God let his only son die for all of my sins, but I gave up napping to watch a DVD and babysit my husband.

I need a favor.

They are calling for snow tomorrow. I need each and everyone of you to go and turn your underwear inside-out (please put them back on) and be sure to sleep with your pajamas on backwards tonight. Thank you.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Who wears the pants in this family?

I spent the afternoon hanging a door to our bathroom. Ross IMed me frantically and insisted that we go to a department store so he could get some clothes for work. It took me 10 minutes to pick out the door. It took Ross 30 minutes to pick out two shirts and two ties.

He's all mine and he's fabulous.

Weekend Wrap Up...

Friday: Went to Popkin's Tavern for dinner with Sam and Allison, almost exploded with fury at the rude woman there, walked around First Fridays in the rain, had a beer with Justin and Megan at crowded Commercial Taphouse.

Saturday: Went to the gym at 12, lazed around, nursed Shooter through 45 minute seizure, had dinner at cous cous with the in-laws, went to bed.

Sunday: Went to the gym at 10, lazed around some more, went to church, joined Ross at his parent's house for Super Bowl, went home at 9:30, went to bed.

I have nothing that is a favorite right now because I'm crabby. I'll spare you the list of things that are most definitely NOT my favorite.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

yum yum cous cous

Last night Ross, the in-laws, and I headed over to cous cous for dinner. We had to wait a pretty long time to get a table (we got there at 7, didn't sit down till about 8:45-luckily Ipanema is right around the corner ready to serve you drinks), but I would say it was well worth it.

We opted for the tapas style dinner. Everything we had was wonderful and beautifully portioned. Their menu is Mediterranean/Moroccan and has a lot of really great flavor combinations and textures that I'm not used to. Apparently the menu changes with the season so our dishes had what tasted like nutmeg and cinnamon all throughout. I love how a flavor can be associated with a season and I cannot wait to see how everything changes come springtime. Here's what we had:
  • Kebkah: lamb, pork, and beef meatballs in a tomato-cinnamon type sauce
  • Crabka: crab balls with capers aioli
  • Gambas: shrimp in white sauce
  • Curry Platas: seasoned french fries with curry sauce
  • Manchego Fritters: friend Spanish cheese with a mango sauce
  • Gnocchi: potato pasta....mmmmmmmazing
I wanted to finish the meal with the Grilled Fruit Kabob (don't be thinking this had pineapple or apples on it-we're talking figs. FIGS I TELL YOU) but they were all out. So, I went for the Poached Pear. It came on top of some kind of brown-sugar, figgy cake, and was surrounded by chopped, chilled pears. I'm kind of obsessed with the combination of hot and cold, something that they seem to like at cous cous. My MIL got a chicken pita that came with a chilled curry sweet potato mash that was SO good-I'm still thinking about it. Anyway, the dessert was delicious and well worth the $6 my FIL paid for it.

Please go to cous cous, if not for the food, then for the every other Wednesday entertainment provided by MattWhite's Fight the Big Bull.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

El campo de Jesus

After saying I would get back to you about Jesus Camp and then subsequently *didn't* get back to you, I was asked by Justin to, well, get back to you.

In case you don't know, Jesus Camp is a documentary about a camp that some kids growing up in the Pentecostal church attend in order to learn about evangelism and the like. We get to know a few kids really well as they tell us about "what kind of church God wants to go to" and as we get a snippet of some their homeschooling lessons in which global warming is dismissed as "not really a big issue." Now, to be fair, some of the things that these kids did at church were activities and lessons that I would eventually want my kids to be a part of. The woman in charge of the camp seems to have a real, working knowledge of effective teaching strategies and the like and some of her lessons seemed spot on.

However, the whole experience kind of left me cringing. And what's most frustrating is that I have a hard time articulating what it was exactly that is making me cringe. I'm very ambivalent about the whole thing. So, I guess what I have to say about this film is that I have nothing to say. Disappointing, I know. But I think it tells you that you should probably watch it, because it is not often that I have nothing to say about something, especially a movie.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Official Endorsement

A few weeks ago, Ross told me he was working on a project with Jorge. My response was to punch him in the chest and say, "Don't steal my Internet friend!"

Well, he did. But, it was for a good cause. The hubs and good ol' J in Ric joined forces in response to John's call to arms. And thus, West of the Boulevard News was born.

This is my official endorsement: I endorse it. Not only because I'm married to its co-creator, but I think it's a good thing. I think most people who live in this area love it dearly because of all it has to offer: excellent, eclectic living at a reasonable price. So, it's good that we residents of the Museum District, Carytown, etc. area keep up with the latest news and happenings on our little piece of this beloved city. So please, visit this new site and make it part of your daily reads. If not for the content and the site's good intentions, but for the byline that I came up with.