Friday, May 18, 2007

Official move

Ok, even though I'm not thrilled with how it looks, all posting will be happening here from now on. Update your blogrolls and bookmarks!

Various things

I'll be moving here soon. I know, it's very exciting. I hate the colors and the only link I have is to West of the Boulevard (coincidentally, the one switching me over there happens to run West of the Boulevard...). But it will be up to my liking soon I hope.

The first students I ever taught have their 8th grade formal this weekend. It's nuts that they will be going to high school next year. I can't wait to see all of the wonderfully awkward pictures that will surely be taken.

I had to buy new workout clothes because the ones I have ARE TOO BIG. If that isn't a victory, I don't know what is.

I can walk today. This is very unexpected after BodyCombat. Nevermind that I'm walking as if I were 9 months pregnant.

I have a very exciting evening planned. I'm going to the gym soon. Then I will get dinner and watch T.V. while I eat it. Then I will go to bed. It's sure to be a rip-roaring good time!


So, I've been tagged and I need to post 7 random things about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same. Here we go, here we go now.

1. My first thought when I got my diploma from UR was, "Ha ha! I've tricked them all!"
2. I love looking at maps but I cannot read them.
3. I'm obsessed with people's triceps and I'm convinced that everyone else's are better than mine.
4. I think all of my friends are incredibly good looking.
5. I rarely take medicine when I have a headache.
6. Kate is my oldest friend who I still see on a semi-regular basis. We met in 3rd grade. Which was almost 18 years ago. W.T.F.
7. I cry whenever I watch the end of The Color Purple.

There you have them. I will do my tagging later so I can make wise, unexpected choices. CAN YOU HANDLE THE SUSPENSE!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

TMJ update (because I knowing you are all dying to get the latest)

Well, it's been over week since the Gum Chewing Punishment set in. I called the dentist last night and left a pitiful message asking them to call me back as soon as they could. I meant that as around 9:00am. They took it as 6:42am. At least they are efficient.

Anyway, I can't get in until Wednesday afternoon. All they are going to do is tell me that I need a NightGuard. The same NightGuard that my insurance still won't pay for. Luckily I have some black market connections so I might be able to get one eventually. I'm basically going in the hopes of getting an official diagnosis of *something* and some advice on how to deal with the pain in general. Until then I've been ordered to not chew gum and to avoid any foods that can't be sufficiently mushed up with my tongue. Awesome.

Butt Status: Kicked

I went to BodyCombat at Gold's Gym tonight. It's basically a lot of shadow boxing and jumping around and kicking and what not. Oh, and dying. Did I mention the dying? Dying for a solid hour and then much soreness follows the dying. It was great.

One thing I've learned from trying out several of the classes at Gold's is that I'm not much of "move around person." Sure, I exercise, but that typically takes the shape of running or riding a bike. The classes I feel the most confident in involve balancing, stretching, and holding ridiculous positions for a long period of time. Things requiring me to move more than two limbs at a time while running/jumping I find to be very difficult. Still, I press on and I think I'm a good sport. I know I looked absolutely ridiculous punching and kicking-it was pretty obvious that I have never been in anything that even resembled a fight (slapping, scratching fights of my childhood don't count). The whole time it was like my arms and legs were saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!" But, it was really fun and I think I'll go back. Once I can walk again.

No, I'm still not going back to BodyJam. Dancing around other people is not something that will help my self-confidence and I'm sure my lack of rhythm is very distracting for the other students.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Pity Party is Over!!! (...for now)

I walked into the bathroom this evening, about to step into the shower after this evening's trip to the gym, and what did I find (or not find)? The scale. Ross has hidden it. I think that's a pretty strong message. I have very strong OCD tendencies and they have all been chanelled into weighing myself 5,436 times a day. Ross knows this and knew that extreme measures had to be taken. So, it's gone. I can't find it. Believe me, I looked. But as he said, "We don't need that anymore." We know we're doing the right things and that should be enough encouragement.

So, here's the plan: I'm giving myself a break. I'm still going to exercise and I'm still going to eat what I'm supposed to eat. But, the days of torturing myself over what the scale says have come to an end. Weighing will only happen at the gym. I'm going to try to do it just once a week. It's going to be very hard, but this needs to happen for my sanity.

I'm sure there will be days when it will be very hard to resist the urge to fold myself into the food scales at Kroger, but those will pass. It took two years to get where I am, so it's going to take some time to get where I want to be. I just need to accept that, get over it, and stop making my husband worry.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'm seriously about to have a break down a la Lilly Allen. (The funny thing is, I *just* saw her on TV and thought, This girl looks like a lovely, normal-sized woman. What a nice thing to see.) I'm stuck on a weight that I'm not happy with. It's not that I'm concerned with numbers, I'm just not particularly pleased with how this number represents itself on my body and in my overall state of mind. The number could be 327 and I wouldn't care as long as I felt comfortable in that skin. I'm not comfortable in this skin at all and I'm having a hard time finding something to like about my physical appearance. And you can say that your physical appearance shouldn't dictate how you feel all you want, but you know that isn't always true-when you look like death, it's hard to not feel like it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Real life encounter of the best kind

Ross and I were in Ellwood Thompson's this afternoon when I heard someone call out my name. I looked over and didn't see anyone I recognized. My first thought was, "Oh, Lord, this could go either way."

My recent experiences with a certain someone have made me a little weary of the many somewhat strangers out on the Internets. I wasn't certain that this encounter would be about this blog, but I had a feeling.

Well, it turned out to be none other than Patience, wife of Jorge, and mother to the ridiculously adorable/gorgeous/did I mention adorable? Josiah, Jackie, and Lucy. We met, we hugged, and I got to see 3/4 of the wonderful family that I don't know in person but I feel like I know so much about. I don't know if any of you read their blogs, but they are seriously some of my most favorite ones out there. They both give such great insight into how to live what I think is the best kind of life: one with kindness, intelligence, and laughter. Plus, I think they give us all hope that you can still be cool after you have kids.

Friends, it was so great to meet you. Hopefully we can all get together soon. And I hope Josiah's presentation on squids went well-I didn't think about asking him until we had parted ways.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Wrap up

Friday: Got a job, picked up Ross, went to the in-laws, chatted it up, listened to Ross play the ukulele, went to bed.

Saturday: Went to the gym, went to Matthew's graduation party, celebrated Mother's Day with in-laws, played some dominoes, went to bed.

Sunday: Went to the gym, puttered around the house, went to church, celebrated Mother's Day with my mom, visited with siblings, going to bed soon.

The weekend seemed much more eventful while I was going through it. I'm truly exhausted and desperately looking forward to some downtime next weekend.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My favorite friend

It was 1:00am and Zapp was very determined to see what I was doing on the Internets. I took the opportunity to capture her beauty for all of you to behold. As you can see, we have matching eyeliner and we are very much in love.


Upon pulling up to the drive thru window, I had this conversation...

Cashier: Here ya go. I'm trying to hurry because I really have to take a sh*t.

Me: *blink* *blink*