Monday, May 14, 2007

Real life encounter of the best kind

Ross and I were in Ellwood Thompson's this afternoon when I heard someone call out my name. I looked over and didn't see anyone I recognized. My first thought was, "Oh, Lord, this could go either way."

My recent experiences with a certain someone have made me a little weary of the many somewhat strangers out on the Internets. I wasn't certain that this encounter would be about this blog, but I had a feeling.

Well, it turned out to be none other than Patience, wife of Jorge, and mother to the ridiculously adorable/gorgeous/did I mention adorable? Josiah, Jackie, and Lucy. We met, we hugged, and I got to see 3/4 of the wonderful family that I don't know in person but I feel like I know so much about. I don't know if any of you read their blogs, but they are seriously some of my most favorite ones out there. They both give such great insight into how to live what I think is the best kind of life: one with kindness, intelligence, and laughter. Plus, I think they give us all hope that you can still be cool after you have kids.

Friends, it was so great to meet you. Hopefully we can all get together soon. And I hope Josiah's presentation on squids went well-I didn't think about asking him until we had parted ways.


patience said...

it was great to actually meet the rva blog power couple in person! your words were too kind...jorge was so jealous i met you first.

we still have to get together for an oragnic yummy dinner!


Susan said...

Haha, now whenever I hear somebody say my name, I'm going to say out loud, "Oh lord, this could go either way." WHY DO I NEVER THINK FAST ENOUGH.

J in Ric said...

hey my friend... i can say I was sooooo jealous when i heard on the line that she rean into you guys. My life hopefully will be much less hectic soon and we all MUST get together.