Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Many Exciting Things

I bought a suit today. I realized that most companies might not be too keen on me showing up in Danskos to interview, so I figured I needed to drop some cash to look nice. If you know me, you know I don't wear suits. I tried on a couple "standard suits" and the saleswoman at Ann Taylor Loft could tell that I felt completely ridiculous. So, she located this for me which I bought. I love it because it's nonstandard but still looks nice. None of the jobs I'm interviewing for are mainstream companies, so I think it will work. And if they don't appreciate it, well, I'm sorry, I can't work for a company that has no fashion sense. I also got some pink shoes to go with it. PINK SHOES?!?!??! How can your day get any better???

Almost De-fattified:
I have lost approx. 7 pounds since going off the Lexapro, AKA "the make you slowly but surely fat and only slightly less crazy pill." This is very exciting. I'm OCD and I weigh myself in the morning and at night, every day. Don't worry, I'm still eating (ask anybody, I'm probably eating their food, too). I would just go crazy if I didn't know. So each day I have what I call my "starting weight" and my "ending weight." Well, as of the last couple days, my ending weight has become what my starting weight used to be. And my starting weight has become numbers that I have seen in quite a while but have missed very dearly. I'm almost back to my pre-medicine weight, but if I just loose a couple more pounds I'll be comfortable with that I think. I had kind of a break down last night because I felt like I had been left in the dark with this whole concept that anti-depressants make you gain weight. And then I realized I was being amazingly-bratty and ungrateful for the fact that this medication (and my wonderful doctor who put me on it) brought me back from an abyss of sorts. I can deal with a little pudge. It's kind of like a badge of honor.

My bonus-brother initiated the tearing (well, kicking) down of our front yard "fence" yesterday. I put "fence" in "quotes" because a real fence wouldn't be that craptastic. I mean, it was plastic. I. hate. that. fence. Matt being the great guy that he is destroyed the entire thing in about 20 minutes. Ross and I spent a considerable amount of time cleaning up the teeny tiny yard it surrounded. Then, James in all of his awesomeness arrived in his equivalent of a white horse (a noisy white van) to carry away all of the leftovers. When we pulled out the fence we both thought that James would probably want it (he and his lovely wife have a penchant for dumpster diving), so we didn't completely demolish it. We asked him to help us carry the pieces to a bigger dumpster than we have in our area. In true Murphy form, he decided he would just take the pieces. I love the Murphies to the maxx.

P.S. Working in the yard is just as good as going to the gym. I already can't move my arms.

You may remember that I mentioned a little girl from my school who was involved in a terrible fire. She got badly burned and spent 8 weeks at the Shriners Hospital in Ohio. Well, our girl came back to school today. Her classmate were SO happy to see her and she couldn't wait to get back to school. My kids have been so thoughtful about how to make the transition back into school easy for her. The hospital sent a wonderful woman to come and talk to the kids about how our little girl looks different now and what she has to go through each day to get better. I was so proud of our kids. They asked such thoughtful questions that had more to do with her well-being rather than about the rumors of the specifics of the fire. The hospital representative said it was the best group of 5th graders she had ever spoken with. A compliment like that means so much.

I had to turn in my official letter of resignation today (eek!) but that was balanced out by three calls for interviews. I have one on Thursday and I'm calling tomorrow to figure out specific dates for the others.

It goes without saying that with all of this excitement (yes, for me this is much excitement) I'm pretty wired and I probably won't get much sleep. But hey, at least it's wired because of good things.

*UPDATE* I now have another interview. Originally it was going to be tomorrow at 3:30 but it just got moved to Friday at 3:30. So I will leave work early tomorrow and slightly early on Friday. I'm refusing to get excited due to a neurotic fear of disappointment.

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