Sunday, May 06, 2007

Knitting Project Glimpse

So, I've decided that my MacBook, Boots, needs a cozy. He's not heavy or bulky enough to warrant his own back, but he needs something to keep him clean and scratch free. So, I'm knitting him a cozy. I know, it's very hipster/etsy/craftster of me.

Very untrue to form, I actually planned this one out. Here's an out-of-focus picture of my plan:

I don't count stitches because I don't have the patience. This one doesn't require me to as it's just a rectangle that will be wrapped around Boots and then seamed to get the right fit. It's all being done in garter stitch will requires little to no effort and allows me to watch ridiculous amounts of TV while working on it. I've never made button holes before, but luckily these will only be decorative rather than functioning. I've knitted about 3 inches of the 22 required. It's taken me awhile because it's pretty thin yarn. I figured doing this in bulky yarn with huge needles would be too much of a cop-out.

I'm very motivated to get this one done, so maybe you'll see it soon!

P.S. Follow up interview tomorrow. Fingers! Cross 'em if you got 'em!


your mother said...

you should just get a cat instead of naming your computer like some kind of loser. loser.

Valeree Lynn said...

wow. you must have nothing better to do. oh, and no balls since all you do is make up fake names to post here. if you're gonna be a jerk, at least be open about it.

your mother said's best friend said...


stephanie said...

oh, you should have shown me boots when i was there!