Thursday, May 03, 2007

Exhausted and Hungry

One interview down. It went well I think. I'm not going to say anything else for fear of jinxing it. The other interview that was also supposed to be today and then got move tomorrow has now been moved to Monday. So, I'll have some time to breathe over the weekend.

All I want to do is eat pizza, but no. Ross is insisting that we not be fat. I spend all morning and afternoon not being fat so I feel like I should get a little break for dinner. But Ross spends all day being fat so he thinks he needs to be good at dinner. This could create some serious tension in our marriage.

Anyway, Ross and I went to Ellwood Thompson's yesterday and got some of this "organic food" that all of you keep talking about. Friends, they have samples. It's like Costco but with better lighting. Ross was appalled when I took more than one sample, but I maintain that if there is no sign discouraging multiple trips, then eat I will. We bought organic turkey, organic salad, organic salad dressing, organic smashed potatoes (I guess organic is too classy to be mashed), organic yogurt, and organic turkey dogs (which only have 6 grams of fat in them!) We had turkey burgers last night and you could actually tell the difference. The salad was crazy good, too. We'll be having the turkey dogs tonight. I'll be sure to let you know how it all went, what with you waiting at the edge of your seats and all.

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